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Arizona Therapists

Valerie Lyon, LPC
In-Person availability on Tuesdays beginning in Scottsdale @ 8700 E Vista Bonita Dr. Suite  236 in the Sinnergy Wellness Suite
Online Availibility other days

In network with United, Aetna, soon in network with ComPsych EAP, Cigna, and Blue Cross
Video link for established clients:

“Why do I feel so empty and numb?” “Why do my emotions get so out of control?” “Why can’t I just relax and stop thinking about this?” “Why do I push people away?” “Why do I keep doing this when I know it makes things worse, not better?” “How can I ever get past this fear and anger to move forward in my life?” If you are asking yourself questions like these, I would like to help you find answers and learn actions you can take to start feeling better!


Therapy is about reconnecting with and accessing strengths that are already inside you – while disengaging from ingrained ways of thinking and acting that aren’t working in your life right now. I see my role as a therapist as an encouraging, caring and collaborative guide in your process of self discovery and growth. I offer knowledge and tools that can help along the way. I
draw from several trauma-informed, therapeutic approaches, and we will learn together what helps you most.

I am experienced in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma using evidence-supported therapies including CBT and DBT and EMDR. I welcome the opportunity to work with adults of all ages, cultures and identities. I enjoy working with clients who choose to bring their spiritual beliefs into therapy. I personally find being in nature very therapeutic and encourage physical activity and outdoor experiences to improve mental health. I believe in the value of taking care of both mind and body for overall well-being.


It takes courage to enter a new relationship and share what is going on inside. In our sessions, my first priority will be to help you feel safe and supported. I will consistently give you my undivided attention, honesty, and respect. If your instincts are saying “yes” after reading this, I hope you will contact me!

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