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“Why do I feel so empty and numb?” “Why do my emotions get so out of control?” “Why can’t I just relax and stop thinking about this?” “Why do I push people away?” “Why do I keep doing this when I know it makes things worse, not better?” “How can I ever get past this fear and anger to move forward in my life?” If you are asking yourself questions like these, I would like to help you find answers and learn actions you can take to start feeling better!


Therapy is about reconnecting with and accessing strengths that are already inside you – while disengaging from ingrained ways of thinking and acting that aren’t working in your life right now. I see my role as a therapist as an encouraging, caring and collaborative guide in your process of self discovery and growth. I offer knowledge and tools that can help along the way. I
draw from several trauma-informed, therapeutic approaches, and we will learn together what helps you most.

I am experienced in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma using evidence-supported therapies including CBT and DBT and EMDR. I welcome the opportunity to work with adults of all ages, cultures and identities. I enjoy working with clients who choose to bring their spiritual beliefs into therapy. I personally find being in nature very therapeutic and encourage physical activity and outdoor experiences to improve mental health. I believe in the value of taking care of both mind and body for overall well-being.


It takes courage to enter a new relationship and share what is going on inside. In our sessions, my first priority will be to help you feel safe and supported. I will consistently give you my undivided attention, honesty, and respect. If your instincts are saying “yes” after reading this, I hope you will contact me!

Valerie Lyon, MA, LPC


Sophia Greenrock, LCSW 

Phone number: 480-360-4304

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We do not necessarily get to pick our life journey but we can choose how we respond and handle our emotions. Life if filled with endless possibilities. Anxiety, trauma, fear, depression
and other life experiences can create havoc in our lives and limit our full potential.

I have an innate passion to help other’s conquer there challenges by providing the skills
needed to process their emotions and move past any self-limiting beliefs. I offer and provide
a judgement free, safe space to help find healing and growth. I am grateful to be a part of
someone’s life journey. You will always have someone in your corner cheering you on. I am
here to challenge your ideals and get to the root of what brought you to therapy. Accountability is a crucial part of therapy so please be prepared to look within yourself.

I have been working in the mental health field for 14 years. I finished my Masters in Social
Work from Arizona State University. I am currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I started
work as an Emergency Department Social Worker. For the last 10 years I have worked as a
crisis therapist and work in inpatient psychiatric facilities. Outside of work I love hanging out with my family, going to the gym and watching sports (Go
Lions!!). I believe that laughter can fix a lot of things so I am always smiling.

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Carly Boeselt, MA, LPC
Self Pay only

Taking the first step to consider therapy can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and scary all at the same time. I like to establish a warm, genuine connection with my clients in order to cultivate a  sense of trust and safety when we meet. I assist clients in establishing goals and milestones they would like to meet in life and create a plan to help them get there. I believe that unresolved trauma and/or grief is often the reason we may feel hindered or stuck in life, and that by processing past hurts, losses, and traumas, we are more free to be the best versions of ourselves; our true selves. I believe through a lens of self-compassion and acceptance, we can begin to be more kind to ourselves and heal our critical inner voice. Finally, getting clear about our values will help guide our actions, which in turn, helps us to create a purposeful life based on what we believe to be meaningful- not necessarily what the world, society, or family tries to tell us "should be" important.

In my work with couples I utilize Gottman method. The first session we meet together to get an idea of what needs to be improved upon, what issues bring you to couple's therapy, and a general sense of how the interactions and communication are in the relationship. In the second session, we split our time with each partner for individual sessions and I continue my assessment on the pillars that research shows are most important to lasting relationships (the sound relationship house). In the third session, I share a detailed report assessing both your strengths and areas of growth as a couple so that we have a road map of goals to work towards in a tangible, productive way. Current and past clients often express they appreciate that Gottman method offers a structured plan and approach that helps them to start making positive changes in their relationship immediately.

I have a professional background working in K-12 education as a teacher, higher education as a residence hall director, and counseling in the non-profit sector and private practice before I opened New Vision Counseling in 2019. I have pursued my passion for couple's therapy and helping people process through trauma by receiving additional trainings in DBT, Gottman Method, trauma-informed care, and EMDR.  

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